First Aid

Last week we had first Aid and I got to be the hurt person as I got the bandage on my arm.We also learnt about most of the injuries you can get when  playing sport  and what to do when you have a dislocated shoulder, broken leg or had a concussion. As well as some fun activates like picking a sport in your group and naming some injuries   you can get, we picked rugby and some of the injuries  you can get like concussion and  broken bones.

What to write when you don’t know what to write about!

  1. What you like doing .
  2. Your favorite place to go.
  3.  Who am I.
  4. A letter to your older self.
  5. If you could change  5 thing in the world what wound it be and why.
  6. What to write when you don’t know what to write about!
  7. A story about your favorite person and why
  8.  Thing you would like for your  Birth day  or Christmas
  9. Write about the county

clay bird shooting

On the 30th of April 2021 we went to peel forts  for clay bird shouting  with same friends from Ashborton . I think I got one clay bird   then we went back to the house and  watched  a movie.

On the 28th of April 2021 Isla Storm and I went to town and we had Mic D’s for launch. Then we just about got kicked out of farmers because one of storms friends jumped out at as and we ran one of the workers shore as and told as of.we also where in the warehouse for 45 mins and made same tiktoks as we where making a tiktoks storm just about brock a chir.

Term one review

We have done a lot in the first term back at school for 2021 same of my favorite things where.

Youthtown because I learnt a new game and had a lot of fun. P.E as we played manhunt , long ball and one of my favorites Golden ball- it’ss a bit like bball but instead  one team is running and the other is shooting to get the running team to stop. I’m  proud of my maths because  I could not understand it at the start but I got it the end and in the test I got towards 4 and last year I was level 3.



The Dam trip

On the 1 of April we whet to the Benmore dam  which is managed by meridian.

We all learned a lot, for example that one power station can put power through 220,000 houses and that it goes through to Wellington.My favour bit was going down in the dam and finding out what happens.

5 thing I would change in the word

  1. I would have a cure for all sickness,virus and diseases so no one is sick or struggling from cancer and things like that.
  2. All the homeless people get $50 a month and free pillow,blanket’s, a small boxes of clothing and get free food at a home shelter  with a free medical  cheek a month.
  3. Every one has to eat meat once a week.
  4. Kids don’t have to got to jail as they get taken off there family.
  5. All kids get $1000 a year

10 fun facts about me

  1. I life like a pig/My bed room is a pig pen. 
  2. when I’m older I what to be a High Country farmer or a surgeon
  3. I have never broken a bone
  4. I’m a pro stand up jet skier
  5. my dream car is a Toyota Hilux 2021
  6. I did art class for a few moths then I quit
  7. I am good at making speech
  8. I went to long beach school for 3 years
  9. I what to go to Fiji and billed huts for them to live in
  10. I like to eat tuna

100wc part-2 Tilly

The scream was from poly screaming and them she said ew look at my new dress. The girls all laded and they all looked around thee was more polls with bikes on them Tilly polled one but it was heave them expected.

Polly arsed  her what are we going to do Tillys response was i can billed same thing like a shed with all these bikes. then Ella said i read a blog post at school and it was a bit like this.

tilly stared grasping thing for a shed and Polly was like i’m not helping its  really gross…