10 fun facts about me

  1. I life like a pig/My bed room is a pig pen. 
  2. when I’m older I what to be a High Country farmer or a surgeon
  3. I have never broken a bone
  4. I’m a pro stand up jet skier
  5. my dream car is a Toyota Hilux 2021
  6. I did art class for a few moths then I quit
  7. I am good at making speech
  8. I went to long beach school for 3 years
  9. I what to go to Fiji and billed huts for them to live in
  10. I like to eat tuna

100wc part-2 Tilly

The scream was from poly screaming and them she said ew look at my new dress. The girls all laded and they all looked around thee was more polls with bikes on them Tilly polled one but it was heave them expected.

Polly arsed  her what are we going to do Tillys response was i can billed same thing like a shed with all these bikes. then Ella said i read a blog post at school and it was a bit like this.

tilly stared grasping thing for a shed and Polly was like i’m not helping its  really gross…

100 world challenge Tilly

one day on the 11th February 3021 these 3 named Ella Gray,Polly Pocket and Tilly Green where waking down the street jamming to Tillys music  on the most poulterer app in town named tangy.

They cosset a cool rustic bike and Tilly said ” lets go chest it out” Polly was skewer because she did not what dashed on her new dress.

Tilly reaped on in this door and got snaked in Polly was like oh no my new dress!

Tilly yelled came in its amazing in here then one thing came flying over her it was Ella then the heard a screen…


Remember that time

Remember that time
When you stayed up all night doing karaoke
And walked around the farm at 1am
With the cold air floating around you
And Brooke was scared of the bull in the paddock?
That was summer

Remember that time
When you wanted to light a fire at 1am
With all the k lines sprinkler mist spraying on your ice cold legs
And all the possums scratching in the trees
And the dog who tried to open the marshmallows?
That was summer

Remember that time
When you tied an old rope on to the motorbike
And went through the rocky pivot rut
And all the mud got in your shorts
And you had to jump into the trough to get it off?
That was summer

Remember that time
You opened your bday present at 2 in the morning
And all the lollies went all over the floor
And you did face masks and your face went all red ?
That was summer.

By Matilda