100 world challenge Tilly

one day on the 11th February 3021 these 3 named Ella Gray,Polly Pocket and Tilly Green where waking down the street jamming to Tillys musicĀ  on the most poulterer app in town named tangy.

They cosset a cool rustic bike and Tilly said ” lets go chest it out” Polly was skewer because she did not what dashed on her new dress.

Tilly reaped on in this door and got snaked in Polly was like oh no my new dress!

Tilly yelled came in its amazing in here then one thing came flying over her it was Ella then the heard a screen…


One thought on “100 world challenge Tilly”

  1. Hi Matilda
    I like that you place those 3 people in the far future. I would recommend to be a little bit more careful with the syntax of your sentences. Good job overall

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