Term one review

We have done a lot in the first term back at school for 2021 same of my favorite things where.

Youthtown because I learnt a new game and had a lot of fun. P.E as we played manhunt , long ball and one of my favorites Golden ball- it’ss a bit like bball but instead  one team is running and the other is shooting to get the running team to stop. I’m  proud of my maths because  I could not understand it at the start but I got it the end and in the test I got towards 4 and last year I was level 3.



The Dam trip

On the 1 of April we whet to the Benmore dam  which is managed by meridian.

We all learned a lot, for example that one power station can put power through 220,000 houses and that it goes through to Wellington.My favour bit was going down in the dam and finding out what happens.