100wc part-2 Tilly

The scream was from poly screaming and them she said ew look at my new dress. The girls all laded and they all looked around thee was more polls with bikes on them Tilly polled one but it was heave them expected.

Polly arsed  her what are we going to do Tillys response was i can billed same thing like a shed with all these bikes. then Ella said i read a blog post at school and it was a bit like this.

tilly stared grasping thing for a shed and Polly was like i’m not helping its  really gross…

One thought on “100wc part-2 Tilly”

  1. Hi Matilda, well done on the creative piece. I liked the story line, I was curious to see what Polly screamed about. Keep up the writing. Just keep an eye on spellings – heavier, Polly (capital P) asked.
    Tomas (Team 100wc)

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